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Deugro is a German-based privately held company specializing in heavy transport and lifting, including transportation and installation of heavy cargo. Deugro was founded in 1924 in Germany. As of 2015, the company currently operates in 35 countries and has over 70 offices and approximately 3,000 employees around the world.

An anonymous former Deugro employee recounts his experience working for the company in the "Glassdoor" website on January 20, 2020:

"Very difficult to develop and progress. Personally not an enjoyable company, close family ties were important and helped with progression and advancement. -Most days called for meetings internal and external. -Management was located overseas so were not hands-on. -The hardest part of the job included internal politics and battles."


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"personally not an enjoyable company, close family ties were important and helped with progression and advancement. most days called for meetings internal and external. management were located overseas so were not hands-on. hardest part of the job included internal politics and battles"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"though the company did not only held one year in our country as a branch office but my colleagues are all fun to work with because we all work as a team"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"The main focal area is on Project shipment and had very little focus on other types of shipment. This result to slow response to client's request and also steep rates."

Personal Assistant to Director (Former Employee) says

"A place where every staff has a growing opportunity . Groomed to be able to make own decision and be responsible for them. Work and family balance is highly regarded"

Admin & Accounts Executive (Current Employee) says

"- Following up and keep both colleagues and customer update on their Accounts. - Best way to get the message across at the most efficient way and time. - Work priority - To meet last minutes deadline - Get to liaise with people of difference culture and level.No applicableYes, very often"

Executive, Supply Chain Management (Former Employee) says

" Preparing sales quotations, negotiating freight rates & receiving confirmation from clients prior to loading  Communicating & Corresponding with Overseas Agents & local shipping lines for smooth delivery of cargo  Taking Care of both payables and receivables part of operations.  Interacting efficiently & sensitively with clients in order to provide high quality customer care.  Generating monthly reports for both Sea & Air Shipments."

C2C Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Very relaxed atmosphere with wonderful people to work with. The company is very family friendly. Everyone is treated as an equal.Job can be demanding at times, but there are people there who are willing to assist when they are able too.Training opportunities"

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